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Alongside it’s cleanse programmes, Plenish offers a 5:2 plan for incorporating a juice cleanse into two days of the week. The 5:2 diet is a form of intermittent fasting. It works by following a regular diet for five days a week before reducing calories for the remaining two. If you’re looking for a quick 3-day or 5-day full body detox plan, you can order a Plenish Juice Cleanse instead.

Plenish claims the 5:2 is ideal for weight management, burning fat, appetite control, rest and digestion. Here is our review of the Plenish 5:2 programme. 

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How the Plenish 5:2 Diet Works

Plenish has divided their 5:2 juices into two separate programmes — one for women and one for men. This is due to the difference in daily calorie needs. The female 5:2 programme hits 503kcal per day, whilst the male version has a slightly higher calorie count, at 628kcal. 

You can either buy a bundle either as a one-time purchase, to test and see how you like it, or subscribe online and receive weekly orders. Each weekly bundle contains 12 x 250ml juices — 6 juices per fasting day to replace solid foods. Once you have received the cold-pressed juices, they need to be stored in the fridge directly. Plenish provides a timetable for when to drink each bottle and again, this order varies between the female and male programmes. With the female programme, Plenish recommends starting the day with a hot lemon tea

The Nutrients in Plenish juices

The calorie intake of the juices is under a third of the average calorie needs, so it may be that you feel hungrier than usual. However, Plenish packs in 500g (1/2kg) of fruit, vegetables and organic produce into each bottle of juice, so you’ll definitely be getting all of the nutrients required.

The cold-pressing technique keeps nutrients well-preserved and all of the juices are vegan, organic and gluten free.
Shield and Pump provide a Vitamin A and C boost, whilst Fuel is packed with vegetable superfoods including kale, spinach and ginger.

Good taste & Filling to Reduce the Cravings

As with the juice cleanses, this 5:2 programme contains a wide variety of the Plenish juices. On the whole, the flavours are delicious (minus maybe one green juice), and having a good variety really helps to push through the day and minimise boredom. The texture is more like a juice than a smoothie, so if you’re expecting a thick substance then think again. Having done the cleanse for a few weeks, we found that it gets easier and easier as you progress. Satisfaction and appetite suppression increases over time. We advise to stick with it, and try the 5:2 programme for a number of weeks to really feel the full effects.

How much does the Plenish 52 Programme cost?

It certainly isn’t the cheapest juice cleanse out there. A subscription order will set you back £59 per week, but then again you don’t have to think about preparing meals for 2 days — certainly a bonus! As mentioned before, you receive 12 500ml bottles containing 1/2kg organic produce per bottle — Plenish are also very transparent with their list of ingredients, so you know exactly what you will be drinking.

Our Tips to Make the 52 diet a success

  • When doing a 5:2 diet, it is best to commit to your fasting time on two consecutive days. This way your body is able to burn fat more successfully and give your system space for digestion.
  • Plenish has had some issues with its delivery service, according to their Trust Pilot reviews — they’re not exactly glowing. If you have any issues, do get in touch directly with the Plenish customer service team.
  • Once delivered, the juices last for a week before expiry so you must consume the drinks within this time period.
  • Make sure to keep your fluids up whilst cleansing. Plenish advises to drink water in between each juice.
  • Consult your GP before starting a cleanse — especially if you have any concerns or health complaints. If you are pregnant, elderly or breastfeeding, Plenish advise not to do a juice cleanse. Instead, consider adding a juice into your daily healthy eating plan.

Editor's Plenish 52 Review

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Our Final Review of the Plenish 52 Programme
Our thoughts
The Plenish 5:2 is a great way to incorporate a juice cleanse as part of your weekly eating plan. We found this programme a nice and easy cleanse, especially with Plenish’s clear instructions on how to consume the cleanse and advice on supporting yourself during fasting days. We definitely advise giving this 5:2 programme a go — we have noticed weight loss as a direct effect, but do bear in mind that it will take a few weeks before appetite suppression becomes easier to handle. The juices have a great taste and are packed with high-quality, organic superfoods. The only slight downside is the price — the bundles don’t come cheap so do factor this in. But then again, you don’t have to plan meals for 2 days, which will certainly spare up some cash.
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High-quality Organic Produce
Freshly Cold-Pressed in the UK
Subscription available for weekly delivery
Not the cheapest
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